Cue Management IS Claus Kærgaard

I am 57 years old and graduated engineer (B. Sc. M. Eng.) from Odense Teknikum in 1990.

I started Cue Management in September 2011 after 21 years in different jobs as an engineer, designer, project manager, division manager, design manager, development manager, quality manager and senior auditor.

The company is located in Hjørring, but I work throughout Europe

My work experience comes from jobs in Danish companies with international relations:

  • Medimatic
  • Grundfos
  • Brüel International
  • HMK Industri
  • DS Certification

In addition to my consulting duties, I am affiliated with DNV Business Assurance Denmark as lead auditor in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

In defense, I have the following experience:

  • M113 upgrade - contract negotiation and quality setup
  • Radar station Skibsby - setup and safety approvals for crew
  • Certification of the Faroe Islands Command, FRK in 2005
  • Establishment of complete 9001 management system for leading Danish supplier to the defense in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Australia.
  • Applicable security clearance of FET with classification CONFIDENTIAL